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The Role of the Covenants Enforcement Officers

The people you see occasionally walking with clipboards or tablets around your Soleil Association Management Las Vegas community are the association’s covenants enforcement officers. They’re inspecting the property on behalf of your Las Vegas HOA to ensure that everything is working properly, that conditions are safe, and that nothing is reducing property values or your quality of life in our community.

In short, they’re making sure policies and rules are being followed—from pet behavior, parking and unkempt lawns to improper exterior modifications and more. They field complaints from fellow homeowners in our Soleil Association Management Las Vegas communities and, if necessary, remind you (or your neighbor) when a rule has been overlooked.

The officers report their findings to the association board with photos and detailed notes. Most violations are easily resolved without board action. If not, the next step is a hearing before the board—we want to hear your side of the story. Those who continue to ignore rules may be fined, or worse. The most serious cases may end up in court, though we try very hard never to get to that point.

The association’s covenants enforcement officers for Soleil Association Management’s Las Vegas HOA communities perform a vital function; please treat them with courtesy and respect. If you have any questions about the rules, the officers should be able to explain them.

The association manager and board members also are happy to listen and respond to your concerns. When you purchased your home in our common-interest community, you became contractually bound to abide by the covenants that protect the association. Please review them and ensure you are in compliance.

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