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Reduce your chances of flash flood damage

Even with nearly 300 days of sunshine per year, Las Vegas is prone to flash flooding, particularly during the summer monsoon season of July and August. Over the years flooding has caused disastrous financial hits to Las Vegas homeowners, many of whom did not know their communities were in the path of a flood zone until after the fact.

As a premier Las Vegas HOA management company, Soleil Association Management is well aware of the damage flood water can inflict on individual homeowners and Las Vegas HOA communities.  Here are some tips we at Soleil Association Management share with all our Las Vegas community association residents to help reduce the harm to their homes and protect their families from one of the costliest and most destructive natural disasters.

Flash Flood Protection Tips

Know your risk: Check flood maps to see if you are living in or near a flood-prone area.

Buy flood insurance.

Keep your most valuable belongings on a higher floor as well as any electronics.

Raise your home if possible, especially if you live in a modular or mobile home.

Elevate any appliances that you can to reduce potential damage to them. This mostly applies to appliances found in the basement including the washing machine, dryer, and furnace.

Install a sump pump. Make sure it has a backup that is powered by a battery in case of a power outage.

Seal any cracks in your home’s foundation and consider putting in a floor barrier. These waterproofing steps will help reduce the amount of water coming into the basement in case of a flood.

Have a flood safety plan in place and learn your evacuation routes.

By taking these simple precautions, Soleil Association Management – a Las Vegas-based HOA management company – knows you will greatly reduce your risk of flash flood damage and improve your peace of mind.

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