Give your HOA a voice during the Nevada Legislative Session.

The 2019 Nevada legislative session is quickly nearing its conclusion. Did you have a voice?  Did you find it difficult to access information?  Here’s an easy solution Soleil Association Management, a community management company for Las Vegas HOAs, fully endorses:

Join the Nevada Legislative Action Committee (LAC).

Nevada Legislative Action Committee

LAC is a national organization affiliated with the Nevada Chapter Community Associations Institute. It serves HOA/CICs over the entire state.  LAC promotes and provides opportunities for individual homeowners to get involved through its Grassroots Initiative media arm.  You do NOT need to be a CAI member to join!  Once you sign up, you can easily participate and let your voice be heard from your home computer. Soleil Association Management, a Las Vegas HOA management company, encourages you to join.  

During each legislative session, dozens of bills are introduced that can directly affect HOA neighborhoods. Garrett Gordon, Esq., CAI/HOA lobbyist, works directly with the LAC team to decipher which bills would impact positively and which ones might have adverse effects on associations, including those overseen by Las Vegas HOA community management company Soleil Association Management.  Those decisions, in turn, go to the Grassroots Initiative to pass along the information to you, the homeowner.

Grassroots Initiative

Near the end of the 2017 legislative session, Soleil Association Management recalls a procedural maneuver suddenly surfacing that would have allowed the “Nevada Homeowner Equity Act” to be attached to an earlier bill.  The LAC lobbyist immediately recognized the potentially dire consequences this addition would create for associations.  LAC called upon its Grassroots members, who responded with hundreds of emails.  The conference committee heard the voices and agreed not to propose the amendment.  Grassroots clearly works!

Get Involved and Work Together

The Grassroots Initiative delivers a unified message to legislators from homeowners, many of whom reside in Las Vegas HOAs managed by Soleil Association Management.  But what if you disagree?  You are not bound by the decisions or opinions of LAC.  If you disagree you will still have the mechanism at your disposal to make your voice heard.

Grassroots sent out over 17,000 emails during the last legislative session, providing weekly updates to everyone who participated.  The process is easy and effective.  Please join the Grassroots Initiative by going to the CAI Nevada website: and click on the Advocacy Tab; or, send an email to [email protected].

In early 2017, Nevada Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson and [at that time] Nevada Senate Majority Leader Arron Ford issued the following joint statement: “We are here to listen to what Nevadans tell us they need from their state government. … We invite you to get involved with the legislative process and join us in working together to make Nevada a great place to live, work and raise family.”

Everyone needs a voice in government.  CAI Grassroots Initiative provides that voice. 

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