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Coyote Control

Coyotes are a common site in Las Vegas and turn up more and more frequently in local neighborhoods as development encroaches on their territory. Many residents have reported seeing coyotes in and around their community and are naturally alarmed by the encounters. Soleil Association Management, Las Vegas’ premier HOA community management company, suggests you follow these few simple rules to ensure they do not become permanent neighbors:

  • Report sightings to local animal control, especially if the animal isn’t easily intimidated by loud noise or bright light or if you see the animal during daylight hours.
  • Do not leave trash bins on the street or set food out. Secure lids on trash and recycling bins.
  • Pick fruit as soon as it’s ripe; pick up and discard fallen fruit daily.
  • Avoid bird feeders. The aroma attracts scavengers even though they can’t reach the nuts and seeds.
  • Don’t put meat scraps in compost heaps.
  • Don’t let cats and dogs outside unattended, especially at night.
  • Walk your dog on a short leash, at your side and not behind you, at all times. If you encounter a coyote, pick up the dog and walk away.
  • Don’t walk near bushy vegetation, particularly at dusk and dawn, and avoid walking near abandoned or neglected properties.
  • Carry a flashlight, air horn, or bear or pepper spray when walking. If caught unprepared, shout and throw small objects.

Following these few simple rules will likely reduce your chances of encountering a coyote. This has been a public service announcement from Soleil Association Management, a Las Vegas community management company.   

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